About us



We are currently seeking adequate manufacturing locations in the Huntsville and Gatesville Texas area to start the manufacture and distribution of the TEXBLOCK™ hempcrete block and panel systems. These areas of Texas house the largest number of prisoners in Texas and it's our mission to help the released prisoners be reintroduced into society through vocational training in manufacturing and construction using our products and methods using hempcrete in construction application.


We feel that given this opportunity we can gives those a chance to be productive members of our communities and working in an exciting new and emerging field on the legal side of the cannabis industry.


We feel our business model can work all across the country for vocational training. 




TEXBLOCK™ might be the answer to many eco-friendly building challenges.


The TEXBLOCK™ system is particularly suitable for new construction of residential houses, apartments and commercial building applications looking to show their commitment to carbon reducing eco-friendly construction projects. 


5 major advantages of TEXBLOCK™ for your construction projects:


1. A 100% Sustainable Solution

TEXBLOCK™ meets the strictest building requirements of sustainable material development and is manufactured according to a very low energy-consuming process, using 100% natural materials (hemp hurd and lime binder) that are sourced in the USA.


2. Fire Resistance and Fire Breaks 

TheTEXBLOCK™ system complies with all current building standards and provides a simple and effective solution to your construction projects for residential and commercial applications. With excellent fire resistance depending on the finish and thickness of the TEXBLOCK™ used.


3.Humidity Regulation

Thanks to its high permeability to water vapour, TEXBLOCK™ acts as a vapor buffer to offer a constant and healthy indoor climate for you and it's occupants. The relative humidity level is stabilised from 50% to 60% (depending on location) and Its applications.


4. Thermal Regulation

TEXBLOCK™ naturally regulates the temperature of the building thanks to its excellent ability to diffuse the accumulated heat. The high thermal insulating blocks protects in cold weather by keeping the heat in the building longer and in the hot in summer by avoiding thermal transfer.


As a true thermal barrier, it maintains a constant indoor temperature and significantly reduces the impact of heat variations between temperature changes.


5. Acoustic Insulation

Whether TEXBLOCK™ hemp blocks are used for exterior or interior walls, external and ambient noise will be significantly reduced. In terms of sound insulation, TEXBLOCK™ acts as a true sound dampening material which helps to dampen sound waves by greatly reducing noise pollution.